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With AmeriHealth 65 Preferred HMO, you have access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals. While we want you to have the widest range of choices, we also want to make sure you have access to quality care. To achieve this, AmeriHealth collects information through private data sources and carefully reviews all physicians, hospitals, and health care providers before they become participating providers.

You must receive your care from a network provider. In most cases, care you receive from an out-of-network provider (a provider who is not part of our plan’s network) will not be covered. Here are three exceptions:

  • The plan covers emergency care or urgently needed care that you get from an out-of-network provider. For more information about this, and to see what emergency or urgently needed care means, contact us.
  • If you need medical care that Medicare requires our plan to cover and the providers in our network cannot provide this care, you can get this care from an out-of-network provider. In order to pay the same as you would pay if you got the care from a network provider, you must obtain prior authorization.
  • Kidney dialysis services that you get at a Medicare-certified dialysis facility when you are temporarily outside the plan’s service area.

Find Participating Doctors, Hospitals, and Ancillary Providers

The online provider directory provides information available through our network system on the physicians, hospitals, and ancillary providers who participate in AmeriHealth 65 Preferred HMO. Search for a provider.

2015 Provider/Pharmacy Directory

PDF icon Download a 2015 AmeriHealth 65 Preferred HMO Provider/Pharmacy Directory (English).
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PDF icon Download a 2015 AmeriHealth 65 Preferred HMO Provider/Pharmacy Directory (Spanish).
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Find a Vision Provider

AmeriHealth Vision Programs are administered by Davis Vision. If you are a member of the AmeriHealth Vision program, we offer a convenient way to search for a Davis Vision provider online. Search for a vision provider.

Preapproval/Precertification for Services
Certain services require preapproval/precertification from AmeriHealth prior to being performed.

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